Monday, March 26, 2007


Last winter I bought a lot of "pladegarn" (I have no idea what it is called in English, but you can see some here) to knit a sweater of. Then it got incredibly warm, and I forgot all about warm sweaters.
Then winter came, it got cold, and finally, as spring was showing the first signs, I remembered about the yarn and the sweater!
I had swatched several times not really finding out what I wanted to do, but noticed the pattern for Sundby and made a swatch in the pattern, and it was just perfect!

Pattern: Sundby by Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton
Yarn: cheap "pladegarn" from Garnlageret
Needles: 4,5 mm
Adjustments: The yarn is very fragile, so I couldn't use it to sew the
pieces together with, but I got a tip to crochet instead, and that worked
really well! I didn't make the neck as long as it should be (4cm instead
of 5) -
don't know if that was good or bad... should block the neck too I
think, the
edges are falling in a bit. But that is just the final tweaking

Sidste vinter købte jeg en masse pladegarn i Garnlageret i Århus til at strikke en varm trøje af. Så blev det forår og alt for varmt, og jeg glemte alt om garnet.
Så blev det koldt, og da foråret begyndt at titte frem, huskede jeg garnet og den varme trøje. Har strikket en masse strikekprøver, men faldt pludselig over Sundby fra en Noro-bog, og strikkefastheden passede perfekt! Den er superhurtig at strikke og er blevet rigtig lækker :) Jeg rendte ind i et problem da jeg skulle sy den sammen, for pladegarn er jo alt for skrøbeligt at sy me... heldigvis var der hjælp at hente i webstrik, hvor jeg blev rådet til at hækle den sammen, og det var da den nemmeste montering af en trøje jeg nogenside har hørt om! Kan man mon ikke bare fortsætte på den måde med andre projekter? *host*
Trøjen er strikket efter mindste størrelse, og passer bare perfekt! Er glad for, at den ikke stumper i livet men går ned over buksekanten... og ærmerne er lige præcis så lange som de skulle være! Tror vist jeg lige skal tjekke om der er garn nok til en mere...

Knut the little icebear

Who can resist this cute little icebear from the zoo in Berlin?

Song and video at YouTube

Hvem kan modstå sådan en lille isbjørn? Han bor i zoo i Berlin :)

Sunday, March 18, 2007


I've been trying to fix this for some time, but never really got it to work... now I finally cracked it, and the result is at the bottom of the sidebar! All the blogs I follow, that will work with Bloglines are in a blogroll. I usually just see the ones that have been updated, so it is impressive to see them all at once! Sadly I found several that haven't been updated in a long time - I just hope the bloggers are okay and just too busy with life to blog about it. *crosses fingers*

Jeg har længe forsøgt at få det til at virke, men først i dag fik jeg knækket nøden. Resultatet kan ses nederst i sidebaren: en blogroll med alle de blogs jeg følger via Bloglines! Jeg ser jo til daglig kun de, som er opdateret, så det er imponerende at se dem alle på en gang! Desværre fandt jeg flere, som ikke er blevet opdateret rigtig længe - jeg krydser fingre for, at bloggerne har det godt, og bare har for travlt med livet til at blogge om det.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Baby-bib - Hagesmæk

After receiving the Japanese sewing books, I just had to try something out... I decided on this little baby-bib (is that the right word?). An easy little project, that didn't make me spend too much time figuring out which parts of the pattern that belonged to what ;) I used yet another leftover from my striped skirt and the Tiny Happy Bag, and some thrifted cotton for backing.

The logo is one I have made myself, hoping I can use it for my future projects and perhaps a shop. (This is my wild future dream, I really hope I will be able to work with my crafts, since it is what makes me happy and not so stressed out). It is hand embroidered on a peice of the backing-cotton with blue embroidery floss.

Efter at have fået de japanske sybøger, var jeg nødt til at sy noget fra en af dem! Valget faldt på denne lille hagesmæk, der er jo kun en mønsterdel at holde styr på, og tålmodigheden var ikke lige til at gennemskue en masse japanske anvisninger... resultat nu og her, tak! ;) Stoffet er endnu en gang rester fra min stribede nederdel og på bagsiden hvid bomuld.

Mærket er et jeg selv har designet, med håb om engang selv at designe og at bruge det til en eventuel fremtidig butik. Jeg ved godt, at det er en vild drøm, men jeg håber engang at kunne arbejde med de kreative ting, for det er jo det der gør mig glad, og ikke stresser mig sådan. Mærket er håndbroderet på en stykke af den hvide bomuld med mørkeblå brodere garn.

Monday, March 12, 2007

First day of spring

Today was the first real day of spring: the sun was shining from a clear blue sky, the birds were singing and the wind wasn't icy cold. I didn't wear a hat or mittens when I was out shopping and taking photos! I didn't see many signs of spring plant-wise, but I have a few proofs that warmer times are on their way ;)

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Books and flowers

More than a month ago I ordered a book from I waited and waited, and it has finally arrived! Luckily it was worth the wait ;) A few days ago I ordered two books from and I prepared myself to wait for at least a month for them. Today the postman rang the doorbell, and I honestly wondered why he would do that?? Well, he had a big brown box for me! From Japan!! How mad is that?? So I'm all giddy today, jumping around and I just don't know what to do about myself.
  • Sew what! Skirts is a nice little handy book about sewing skirts. A girl can never get too many skirts! Am I right? And this book has won my heart by being a "don't buy patterns that you have to change to make them fit you, but write down your own measures, and make your own pattern"-book. I'm not as tall as the average woman, which means the patterns made for average women tend to be a bit... long for me. So learning how to make my own patterns that fit me perfectly is just what I've dreamed of! The instructions are very clear, and I would think, very easy to follow (I haven't tried any of them yet, just got the book). There are several ideas that I HAVE to try!
  • Simple chic I first saw on crafting japanese, and I'm absolutely in love with those pretty dresses! I don't understand any Japanese at all, but the pictures seem as easy to follow as I have heard they are from others, so I'm not giving up! Must have pretty dress!
  • This one I have no idea what is called. I also found this on crafting japanese, and had to get it for the lovely baby/childrens clothes is has. The little smocks and dresses, pants and a cute cap... I was totally sold! Reminded me of the cute clothes Tiny Happy makes!

Spring is hopefully getting much closer now - I long for sun, warm weather and flowers everywhere! There have been brightening up my apartments for several days now, they are getting tired. But I wanted to keep them a little longer, so they get to lighten up the blog as well ;)

Have a nice weekend when that time comes! I'm going to visit a crafty friend, will be so much fun!


On many blogs I see pictures of different corners of the bloggers' home - studios, kitchens, livingrooms, that special comfy chair... all those places. I felt like sharing a little "corner" of my apartment with you. Actually it is a corner of one of my bookshelves! The knitted teddybear is one I made about 3 years ago, when I was still a very new knitter :) The pattern is the Red Barnet Bamse (sorry, only in Danish) by Vivian Høxbro.
The needle- and thread-holder is one I got from a good friends late grandmother. I didn't know her very well (only met her once), but I have the impression, that she was a very active woman, who knew several languages, was very crafty and she must have been very interesting to have known better! I was so lucky to get all her knitting needles and sewing machine, and then this little fine one. I covered the top with some leftover cotton to make it even cuter.
The teddybear is wearing a red scarf knit by me, and a woolen shawl my niece Elizabeth has knit for him! The very first thing she ever knit :) I'm very proud to have it here, and I am sure teddy is too!