Sunday, August 07, 2005

Doll clothes

This doll has lived a bit of a sad life the last many years... my mother made her for me many years ago, but somehow she didn't get many clothes? When I found her she only had a brown jumpsuit-thingy. And she is a baby, so she hasn't got hair (I wanted it that way - couldn't decide what haircolour she should have... easy way out ;)) But she didn't have a hat! Since I'm doing a bit of stashbusting at the moment, I found some lovely red yarn that I used for the lamas on the "lama hue" for my sister. There was exactly enough for this little hat and a scarf! But that's not enough for a cute babygirl like this? So I had to make her a sweater! Red and white stripes, made from the yarn I got from Marjut, and made mittens from! And since it didn't look good with the jumpsiut-thingy under it, I sew a little skirt for her today :)
I know she is a bit dirty on her face (and on the foot as well!) - Anders thinks she has been eating his chocolate! All I know is that she has to take a bath in the washingmachine later ;)


Bettina said...

Hvor eeeeeeer hun søøøøød! :o)

Elisabeth said...

hihi ja! hun ser ud til at have gorilla-arme på billedet her, men det har hun ikke i virkeligheden... det er bare fordi hun sidder ned :)

Mor said...

Hej Elisabeth!
Det var vel nok dejligt at den lille dukke-pige har fået sån noget
fint tøj!! Jeg husker at den gang jeg lavede hende,så fulgte du meget nøje med i hvordan hun skulle
se ud. Knus fra Mor