Sunday, August 28, 2005

The neverending socks that ended

Last night I finally finished the loooong socks! I must have been knitting on them on and off for more than a year!! Sooooo boring *yawn*
I'll take a picture later today :)

It's not because I don't want to post a picture... I just can't find my camera?! Last time I remember I saw it was on my holiday, and I was quite sure I put it in the car... but now it has disappeared... hope I find it!

Last edit of this post (I think) - my dad found my camera, that was hiding in his car... baaaad camera! So now I have my holiday pictures and I can show you the socks ;)


Fru Schwartz said...

ja, der er ihvertfald lang tid siden vi mødtes for første gang...;-))

Elisabeth said...

ja *G* gad vide præcis hvor længe siden det er? det var jo dengang til strikkecafé...