Wednesday, October 24, 2007

lazy blogger

Yes, that's me. I know, I should take the camera and take pictures, but there's so much else I should as well ;) Besides a pair of not very pretty boring old standard socks don't give that interesting pictures for the blog... so I'll let you use your imagination, I'm sure that gives much better pictures!

Finished: a pair of socks knit from the toe up (finally learned how!) in some football-stripy sock yarn from Regia (blue and white stripes). I used some blue yarn for toe + heel, since I only had one ball of the stripy yarn. I started knitting them in the spring, finished one sock, started the other, but at the heel I got stuck. Totally stuck. And it wasn't second-sock-syndrome! No, I lost one of my 2,5 mm dpn's on the train one the way to my parents! My favourite knitting needles, and actually the first I ever got... my mom gave them to me when I learned to knit. *sighs*. Then the weather turned melting warm, and I kept forgetting to buy new needles, until now, when I found some in my mom's knitting needle bag :) So now the socks are done after something like 6 months *oops*


enaj said...

Bedre sent end aldrig;-)

Elisabeth said...

JA! det er så sandt som det er skrevet ;)