Monday, April 26, 2004

Granny slippers

Here is my version of the Granny Slippers... hope you understand what I mean... otherwise, you can just ask, and I'll try to explain!

Granny slippers

size 36-38 (European)
needles: 3½mm
any yarn can be used!

CO 49 sts.
First row: Knit 14, purl 2, k17, p2, k14.
Second row: knit.

Repeat this until you have knit about 18cm (7"), and then knit a rib (k1, p1) for about 6cm (2,3"). Cut yarn and run through all sts. Pull tightly.

Sew the slipper together like a T at the heel, and sew it over the foot. (quite hard to explain in English?! I don't have the words *giggle*). Well... make it look like a slipper! *lol*

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