Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Finally pictures again!

I promised I would take pictures of the birthday presents, and here they are. (click on the images for bigger ones) The blue hat was for the birthdaychild, Elizabeth, and the pink/lilac one was for her sister, Emilie. I made them up along the way, so I was really relieved to see that they fit! The yarn is from Bilka, called Snowy. More acrylic than I like, but it was really nice to knit with, soft and warm, and I think it's good for the children... they hate itchy things ;) The mittens are Lovikka mittens, and then there are a pair of self-striping socks. Did she like it? Well, if she didn't, she sure is a good actress!!

And finally a picture of my first Finnish hotpad! And with that one, I learned to swiss darn :) It hasn't been felted yet, but I'll have to book a washing machine first (thats the problem with apartments... )

Sukkertrøjen is moving forwards again after ripping 4cm where the yarn was way to thin. Don't know what happened?? But I did get another hank of yarn instead, so now I'm on track again :)

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Minna said...

Can't wait to see the hotpad felted! Hope it turns out good!