Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Blogging from vacation

Sorry, no pictures today, since I'm blogging from my fathers computer today :)
I just wanted to tell you, that the Spring Fling top is finished... but even if I was at my own computer, I wouldn't be able to take any pictures - apart from 6 balls of yarn :( I finally finished it (hated those huge 5,5mm metal needles!) and sewed it together, and tried it on... It was HUGE!!! I don't understand it?! The gauge was right and Helle is about the same size as I am, and still I could almost swim in it!
Earlier I was hit by "the Curse of the Small Sock" and now I'm hit by "the Curse of the Huge Top". Even the wickel-pulli was a bit too wide over the shoulders and over the back... what is going on? Have I shrunk in the heat? *hehe* No chance of that!

Well, I'll go check out Garnstudios collection of patterns, and see if I find something else... and then I'll enjoy the sun :)


Mette said...

Kære Elisabeth. Da jeg strikkede toppen sidste år, var strikkeprøven perfekt! Den færdige model blev temmelig bred i det... Jeg overvejer at give den et par ture med symaskinen for at ændre på det....

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