Sunday, June 12, 2005

yarn running long

wow, I must say this mohair yarn from Netto runs pretty long... I bought 200 grams of it, crossing my fingers that it would be enough for the Wickel-pulli. Now I have finished the back and the two front pieces, and so far I've used 47 grams of yarn... that's only one of the 4 skeins! And even more, there was just enought yarn, so that I didn't have to wind up another skein tonight - when I cast off the second front piece, there was just about 10 cm left! purrrrrfect :)
So, left I have two sleeves and the uhmmm.... what's it called... the ones you use to tie around the waist... whatever, I guess you know what I mean? and 150 g of lovely yarn ;)

I've also swatched for Helles Spring Fling, but I have a little problem... I don't know if I should use 5mm or 5,5mm needles... the gauge should be 18 sts/10 cm and I get 17 sts on 5mm and 19 sts on 5,5... which is better? Maybe Helle could tell me, if the top is a bit on the small or the big side... would I prefer to make it smaller or bigger? *lol* I guess I'll end up with 5mm needles, 'cause often my gauge gets sloppy when relaxing too much ;)


strikkeforsker said...

Use 5.25 mm needles, I think they exist :-) Naaah, the scientific way calculate the width using the number of stitches and the gauge given in the pattern. Then do the calculation for the two different gauges. Chose the best one. I look forward to seeing som pictures Ulla

Fru Schwartz said...

Jeg siger det samme som Ulla..he he!!

Elisabeth said...

and in the meantime I've knitted a couple of centimeters, on 5mm needles, and then read the whole pattern again, and discovered that it wasn't 18 sts/10 cm but 17 sts... checked my gauge again, and realized, that I didn't get more sloppy, in fact I knit tighter: 20 sts/10cm!! So rip, rip, rip... and start over on 5,5mm :)

Michael Lund said...

It sure is nice you're loving it so much with knitting and yarn and so ;)

But I must say to you Elisabeth, that I do miss some new photos from you from time to time ;)

"Er du helt stoppet med at tage billeder eller? =)"

Mvh. Michael!

Elisabeth said...

hehe Mich... jeg skal nok prøve at tage mig sammen mht. fotos... håber at det hjælper med en god lang somemrferie! Har simpelthen ikke haft tid og inspiration i alt for lang tid :( men jeg savner det ;)