Monday, July 11, 2005

On the needles

Right now I'm only doing small stuff... this weekend I knitted a pair of slippers (the good old granny slippers, garter stitch and a rib at the toe, then seam it and crochet an edge, and voila ;)) for having at my parents house.
I'm trying to finish the knee high socks, but they have transformed into train-knitting, and I don't go on the train often enough to finish them... but I'm almost down to just missing one foot now :)
(picture borrowed from
Newest thing on the needles is a new tank in the Løve Lacy yarn. I'm knitting it on my huge metal 7mm needles, so my hands get quite sore... It looks like a quick knit, but then I should have trained some more with those staves ;)

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