Thursday, July 28, 2005

pictures tomorrow...

I'm too tired at the moment :) been watching Calendar Girls and eating homebaked cakes... and forgotten all about Sophie, that's drying. This Sophie has turned out somewhat bigger than the first two I made. I guess the doubled Hifa yarn got a bit thicker, but it didn't feel like that when I was knitting... oh and the mysterious green yarn... I don't know if it really was green, or just looked like it... maybe it has just lost colour in the wash... at least the bag now is black with some green and some grey stripes... but it looks fine anyway :)

but, as I said, pictures tomorrow! :)

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Mette said...

Kom så med de billeder! Jeg har også planer om en Sophie, meeen er ikke nået så langt i bunken endnu...... k.h. Mette