Friday, July 29, 2005

Stashbuster Sophie

Here they are - pre- and postfelted Stashbuster Sophie:

Here you can see, that the yarn in all the stripes are green... the bag is 41x41 cm in this picture. I did have a feeling that it might be bigger than the first Sophie... and it was, even after felting:

Some of the stripes have turned grey, and she is now 27x33cm. Somewhat bigger than my first Sophie which is 18x25cm.
I didn't make straps, since I didn't have yarn enough for them. My plan is to find some black fabric and sew a long shoulder strap. I will also make some sort of closure for this one :)
I'm really happy whit this more autumn inspired Sophie, and I think I'll embroider some leafs or something on it... what do you think?

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