Thursday, March 08, 2007

Books and flowers

More than a month ago I ordered a book from I waited and waited, and it has finally arrived! Luckily it was worth the wait ;) A few days ago I ordered two books from and I prepared myself to wait for at least a month for them. Today the postman rang the doorbell, and I honestly wondered why he would do that?? Well, he had a big brown box for me! From Japan!! How mad is that?? So I'm all giddy today, jumping around and I just don't know what to do about myself.
  • Sew what! Skirts is a nice little handy book about sewing skirts. A girl can never get too many skirts! Am I right? And this book has won my heart by being a "don't buy patterns that you have to change to make them fit you, but write down your own measures, and make your own pattern"-book. I'm not as tall as the average woman, which means the patterns made for average women tend to be a bit... long for me. So learning how to make my own patterns that fit me perfectly is just what I've dreamed of! The instructions are very clear, and I would think, very easy to follow (I haven't tried any of them yet, just got the book). There are several ideas that I HAVE to try!
  • Simple chic I first saw on crafting japanese, and I'm absolutely in love with those pretty dresses! I don't understand any Japanese at all, but the pictures seem as easy to follow as I have heard they are from others, so I'm not giving up! Must have pretty dress!
  • This one I have no idea what is called. I also found this on crafting japanese, and had to get it for the lovely baby/childrens clothes is has. The little smocks and dresses, pants and a cute cap... I was totally sold! Reminded me of the cute clothes Tiny Happy makes!

Spring is hopefully getting much closer now - I long for sun, warm weather and flowers everywhere! There have been brightening up my apartments for several days now, they are getting tired. But I wanted to keep them a little longer, so they get to lighten up the blog as well ;)

Have a nice weekend when that time comes! I'm going to visit a crafty friend, will be so much fun!


Hanne Heaven & Earth said...

Hej Elisabeth.

Jeg er også ret hooked på de der japanske bøger/blade. Har investeret i et et enkelt eksemplar - so far - jeg mener: de er lidt pebrede i prisen. Derfor ville det jo være FEDT om man kunne få lov at bladre lidt før man skred til at investere, så sig til hvis du NOGENSINDE hører om et sted herhjemme, der har dem på lager!

melissa said...

pretty flowers and i am so jealous of your new book stash! they look very inspiring and full of great ideas.
happy spring to you!