Thursday, March 08, 2007


On many blogs I see pictures of different corners of the bloggers' home - studios, kitchens, livingrooms, that special comfy chair... all those places. I felt like sharing a little "corner" of my apartment with you. Actually it is a corner of one of my bookshelves! The knitted teddybear is one I made about 3 years ago, when I was still a very new knitter :) The pattern is the Red Barnet Bamse (sorry, only in Danish) by Vivian Høxbro.
The needle- and thread-holder is one I got from a good friends late grandmother. I didn't know her very well (only met her once), but I have the impression, that she was a very active woman, who knew several languages, was very crafty and she must have been very interesting to have known better! I was so lucky to get all her knitting needles and sewing machine, and then this little fine one. I covered the top with some leftover cotton to make it even cuter.
The teddybear is wearing a red scarf knit by me, and a woolen shawl my niece Elizabeth has knit for him! The very first thing she ever knit :) I'm very proud to have it here, and I am sure teddy is too!

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